Friday, August 9, 2013

Yard Sale Results!

Hi everyone, in case you didn't see on Facebook, I wanted to catch you all up with the results from our yard sale. We had a ton of generous donations of items, which helped make our sale a success. Like all yard sales, there were people that tried to get us to lower prices beyond what we thought were reasonable, but we had even more people give extra because of our cause. We had a few people come simply because they had been blessed by adoption in some way and wanted to help us out, and we even had people come after things had been picked over and leave a donation without buying anything. Overall, it was a lot of work, but we were so blessed by the experience and unexpected generosity of people, who for the most part, we didn't know.

I had originally announced on Facebook that we made around $1200. Well apparently I was tired after the sale and miscounted. As I went to recount the money to deposit it into our adoption account, I was taken aback when I was suddenly around $1400 not including coins, a couple of last minute donations that my mom had taken and money from a snowblower that my dad had sold earlier in the year. So, after all was said and done, we came out with about $1600! For a yard sale, I would say that's pretty good. We still have a few items left that we are hoping to sell at a later date as well as an electric oven that we received an offer on, but we felt as though they were not offering a fair price. We now have about $3000 to put toward our adoption with more fundraisers in the works! We just want to say thank you for all of you that have contributed so far, we would not be where we are without you!

If you have not had a chance to be involved and you would like to be, you can check out the link below to the page of our next fundraiser that helps the widow and the orphan. If you decide that you want to help out with this one, please let us know as soon as possible as we will be having a meeting soon.

Also, thank you for all of you that have been praying for us, especially as we approached our 5 year anniversary today. Anniversaries are always bittersweet and 5 years hit me kind of hard this week. We are so thankful for each other, Scrumpy and all of the many blessings God has given us, but we felt the hole of not being parents more this week than we have in awhile. Thank you and blessings to all of you!

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