Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Ladies and Gentlemen...

I know that so many of you have been wondering what is going on with the twins and if we have heard anything. For over a month now, I have had very little to report. We knew it was down to us and one other couple and the expectant mother told us that she was still trying to figure some things out. There is so much that goes into this process on all sides and every part needs to make sure that t's are crossed and i's are dotted before too much ground is covered.

So, we waited anxiously and even considered backing out because everything seemed to be going wrong! I truly feel as though this was spiritual attack and Satan was trying his best to get us to back out and not trust in God. To be honest, he almost won. Elias and I were going back and forth on what to do when on Saturday we got the text. The text that asked if we would meet our sweet expectant parents for dinner on Monday night. The text that made my heart race and stomach knot because I knew what they were going to say. I knew that they were going to tell us that they had chosen us to be the parents of these two sweet boys, and I was terrified! Honestly, deep down I have known all along that if we stuck with this, that we were going to be chosen for these babies, which has scared me. This is not the plan that we had for our lives or our family, but God doesn't often call us according to our plans. And often times, his calling is one that is challenging and scary, but so much more rewarding than we could have ever imagined or planned for ourselves.

So last night, we found ourselves nervously traveling to Utica to meet with this couple. After some small talk and chit chat, they got down to it and officially asked us to be the parents to these babies. Elias and I had decided already that if we were asked, that was God telling us to say yes. In that moment, he gave us peace and we said that, yes, we wanted to be their parents. This was followed by some tears, smiles and hugging. Then our expectant mother went and got her two children from the other side of the restaurant for us to meet. They came around with flowers and gifts and were so incredibly sweet! We each received a gift that had a card that said "will you be my dad?" and "will you be my mom?". Then, we were given our first outfits, toys and socks for our sons. Seriously, could we ask for a better birth family?! We spent the next 60-90 minutes eating, talking and feeling my (my?!) babies move inside their birth mama's belly.

The whole thing is still so surreal and a bit unbelievable, but considering they are due in mid-early April (ummm yes, I did say April) there is a lot to do and not much time to wrap our minds around all of this. Most people have about 8 months to prepare once they find out they are expecting, we have roughly 8 weeks, and that's if they don't decide to come early (early-mid April is when our expectant mother would be induced).

I have already been asked if will we have a shower. My answer: not until the 30 day revocation period is up. The 30 day what? In NY, birth parents have 30 days to change their mind when working with an agency. While we feel that our expectant mother is very set in her decision, anything can happen and we need to protect our hearts.

Please keep praying for everyone involved. That we will be prepared for these sweet lives to enter our family, that the expectant family will be at peace with this difficult decision, that our expectant mother will remain healthy, that the boys will be healthy and strong and that the baby with Down's will not develop any heart defects.

Also, if you feel led to contribute financially, you can still do so by sending a tax deductible donation to Lifesong for Orphans. Check can be made out to Lifesong for Orphans with "preference Zehr#3590" in the memo line and mailed to PO Box 40/202 N. Ford St. Gridley, IL 61744 or online at www.bothhands.org/zehradoption by clicking the "donate" button.