Tuesday, September 15, 2015

To my newly married self

After watching a video today, I started thinking about what I would say to myself  if I could write a letter to myself when I was newly married. So here it goes.

Dear newly married me,

You have such an amazing adventure ahead of you! Enjoy every moment. Everyone is right when they say it goes fast. I know that you are so excited about the possibility of starting a family and how you begrudge it when someone tells you how young you are. I also know that you know that starting that family might not be so easy and it won't be, but maybe a few of these words will make it easier. You have an amazing husband and God is going to give you some incredible years to share with just him before He gives you the gift of children. I know that right now you don't think you need those years and you even think that you don't want all of those years, but believe me when I say you will look back and be thankful for that time. God is going to call you to some amazing places, you will meet some amazing people and He will do awesome things in your marriage, if you let Him. Know that you WILL become a mom, and it will be the most rewarding thing you have ever done in your life, but until then you CAN be happy and fulfilled and you CAN make the most of every opportunity placed before you. Don't go into that dark place of depression that steals your hope and joy, instead know and trust that your day is coming and it will be beautiful. God is planning something great and great things need time.

I know you see others starting families. Some of them got married at the same time or after you, some of them weren't planned and it's hard to watch and wait and wonder why it's their time and not yours. Just know, that age that you thought was "old" for starting a family, really isn't that old and your children will change your relationship with your husband and friends forever in ways you may not expect right now. Take this time, build a strong foundation and set the best example that you possibly can for your children or you might find that you wish you would have focused on this a bit more.

If you could see your future kids, you would know without a shadow of a doubt that they are so worth the wait! I think you would also know why God is taking so long to prepare you. They really are special.

Even though you hate hearing it, you ARE young and you have the world ahead of you. You will someday look back and wish you could go see the world and how others live at the drop of a hat without thinking about how it will impact those little people that you trying to raise into exceptional adults. Now don't get me wrong, you won't feel as though your children are keeping you from doing these things, you just might wish you had gone and done and seen more because one day it won't be quite as easy. Not impossible, but just not as easy.

You will enter into a new phase of life that holds different treasures, but don't wish this time away. This time is part of your life and your story. This time is beautiful and embrace it in all of it's beauty. Go ahead and cry tears of frustration that you have to wait longer than others, but then move forward and choose happiness because one day it won't matter that your children took a little longer to come to you. It will just matter that God chose you to be their mom.

Your future self