Monday, April 9, 2012

Welcome to our blog! We decided to begin a blog so that everyone who is supporting us throughout this process can be a part of where we are, what we are doing and receive regular updates.

            For those of you who aren't familiar with our story, here is a brief overview. Elias and I were married on a beautiful day on August 9, 2008. We knew even prior to getting married that becoming parents was extremely important to us, unfortunately we also knew that due to Elias having Cystic Fibrosis there was 98% chance that would not happen without the assistance of advanced reproductive technologies. Even with this knowledge we hoped and prayed that we would be in 2% or that God would grant us a miracle in His time. Due to this fact, along with international missionary work that we had participated in, we also knew that we wanted to adopt. To provide a child with a home, a future and a forever family that he or she might not otherwise have.
           In October 2011, after 3 painful years of infertility, we began the process for In-Vitro Fertilization (IVF). Since I (Jessica) had no known fertility issues, we were under the impression that there was no reason that this wouldn't work. Unfortunately this was not the case for us, and we were heartbroken to find out that we were not pregnant. We still had embryos left, so we tried a frozen embryo transfer in February, just to find out that once again the procedure had failed for no known reason. It was at this point that we decided that we needed to begin exploring the idea of adoption more seriously. We began to invest more time in researching agencies, costs, and options.
           While we still haven't settled on anything concrete in terms of how we will adopt, we have narrowed down options and a few other options have opened up. Due to the high cost of adoption we have begun to raise money via donations and two different fundraisers. We are also asking for support in the most powerful way: prayer. We feel as though this is a ministry that God has called us to as He instructs us in the Bible to "care of the widow and the orphan" and to "clothe the naked and feed the hungry". Even throughout these past 3+ years of pain, heartache, frustration and confusion, we feel blessed to be called to something greater and honored that God would choose us to care for one or more of His children that are in need of earthly parents. Thank you for joining us on our journey and please feel free to ask questions at any time! Many blessings to you!

Elias and Jessica

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