Saturday, December 8, 2012


Despite how it might seem at times, I don't particularly like fundraising. I don't like asking people to donate money to our cause, once again. Maybe it's a pride thing, but I think that most people feel this way. Asking for money is hard because it makes us feel selfish and vulnerable. It requires faith and trust in others and God. We've all been asked to buy this or that that we really don't want or need, but we do so because of the person who's asking us. We don't want to be those people, so we're looking to you for suggestions.

Adoption is one of those things that many people fundraise for (if you don't believe me, google it) due to the high cost of welcoming a child in need into your home and life. And in our case we can't adopt without fundraising and putting ourselves out there. So far, we have had some very generous donations that have enabled us to begin the process and for those we are beyond thankful, but they have been few. I know that some of you can't donate and we completely understand because we have been there and continue to find ourselves there at times. I also know that some of you may be waiting until we have a baby on the way, but once we are matched (meaning an expectant mother or set of parents has chosen us to parent her/their child once he/she is born) we will need a significant amount of money immediately. This would not necessarily be the case if we were not working with an agency, but since we are doing some work with them, we would need that money quickly. We were recently informed that we did not receive one of the grants that we applied for and we can't get a loan for the amount that we would need at this point. So we are looking to you for ideas.

What kind of fundraisers would you be interested in? Do you prefer dinners, yard sales, online auctions or things that you can purchase and use like jewelry or other items? We would like to do a pancake breakfast, but since we aren't able to regularly attend church at our home churches and haven't really found a solid church family here yet, we aren't sure where we would host this event. So if you have a suggestion we are open to hearing it!

Please remember, we are not doing this for us or only to become parents. We are adopting because we feel as though this is a calling that God has placed on our lives and hearts and a way for us to "love the orphan". That being said, when you donate you are not donating to us, you are donating to provide a child with a loving home. The fact that we get to become parents from this process is a huge bonus :).

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