Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Tonight I was chatting with a friend from Bolivia on Facebook. We were talking about how we are trying to adopt and she reminded me of the reason that I believe we have been chosen to adopt. God could heal us at any time, but He has chosen us to care for one or more of His children that either have no parents or who's parents love them enough to recognize that they cannot parent them, but that someone else can give them the life that they can't.

This dear friend of mine lived at the children's home that we were connected with and as we were talking about adoption she said that it is a beautiful thing because there are so many children in the world that don't have parents........just like her. My heart sank when I read this line because even though I know some of her story I wasn't really thinking of how our choice to adopt would affect her on a personal level. She was fortunate to live at Stansberry, a home where she was well taken care of, but she has gone through so much in her young life. Things that are hard for most of us to imagine experiencing. She would have given anything to be adopted into a loving family, a family to call her own.

She reminded me of how blessed we are that we have been called to adopt. That God would trust us enough to give us guardianship of a child in need. When I think of this way, it makes sense that it would take us a little longer to become parents because He needed to prepare us on a different level. We won't get 9 months to wrap our heads around becoming parents, in fact we will be fortunate if we get months at all. We have to be ready when our child arrives.

My friend is now in school to become a social worker and I couldn't think of a more appropriate job.

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