Friday, March 4, 2016

Almost two...

Dear sweet boys,

It's hard to imagine that it was almost two years ago that you joined our family. A lot has changed in those two years. Jobs and work schedules changed so that I could be at home with you as much as possible. Daddy finished school and started working at a new job to better support our family.

But not as much has changed with us as it has with you. In two years you have gone from tiny babies, completely dependent on us, to little boys that are being more and more independent each day. Yet at the same time, you still have so much baby in you that needs your mommy and daddy.

Asher, you motor around our house by either crawling or using a walk-behind walker or gate trainer. You are trying to sign almost anything we show you and you are trying so hard to say words. There is no doubt in my mind that you will soon be walking and running and of course giggling with Lucas.

Lucas, you are a bundle of energy that walks, runs and climbs. You learn new words each day and want to help or be involved in everything. You love those around you so sweetly and innocently.

Every day I'm always amazed at both of you and how attentive you are and how you absorb everything like little sponges. Each developing at your own pace.

There is something else that has changed in the past two years. The hole that was in our family, lives and hearts, has been filled. My heart has gone from aching everyday from the absence of children, to exploding each day with love and joy with your presence. I feel content. I figured by now that familiar ache might start making it's way back in, but I am truly content (and many days I even feel maxed out just caring for you energetic boys!).

If God chooses to bring more children into our family, we will welcome them with open arms and open hearts, but if not, please know that you two are enough. Even if that ache resurfaces on occasion, it is just something mommy has to work through. It has nothing to do with you. We chose you two years ago and we choose you every single day since.

We love you so much and we can't wait to see what the next year and every year after brings!

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