Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Serving the widow and the orphan

This Saturday, Elias and I, along with a number of volunteers, are going to be heading to Martinsburg (for those of you not from NY that is about 5-10 minutes outside of Lowville) to work on a widow's house for a day. We are going to be completing what is called a Both Hands Project and I am so excited about it! Our volunteers have sent out letters asking people to sponsor them for the day much like one would for a golf tournament or a 5K. The money that is donated to sponsor them to work on the widow's house then goes to our adoption. When all is said and done, both the widow and the orphan have been served.

Our project will consist mostly of yard work for a local widow who lost her husband back in 1995 and then had her leg amputated last year. This wonderful, 73 year old woman always kept her home in immaculate condition and took pride in her yard work and landscaping. While she is making every effort to become more and more independent since her surgery, she hasn't been able to maintain her yard and flower beds this year. Our team will be going up to her home to rake, clean up the flower beds, mow for the last time this year, move some crushed stone, and surprise her with a couple of beautiful mums donated by O'neils Garden Plants in Croghan. We will be taking pictures and making a video to show everyone what we did that day. We feel so blessed to have this opportunity to serve a local widow in this way. If you would like to sponsor us or one of our volunteers you can donate here: http://bothhandsfoundation.org/ZehrAdoption

All donations are tax deductible and 100% of the funds will go to supporting our adoption and providing a child with his/her forever family! If you can't donate please pray that we will have good weather and be a blessing to this amazing woman!

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