Tuesday, October 30, 2012


Hi Everyone! We just wanted to share with you a great new holiday fundraiser! I know that no one really wants to think about Christmas yet, but I was informed today that we only have 8 weeks until Christmas so I guess we need to start thinking about it. So, in honor of the holiday season, we are going to be taking orders for poinsettias until Nov. 16th. They come in pink, white or red and they are about 16" high and 16" across. They come in 6 1/2 inch pots and cost $12 apiece. We have a picture on a sales flyer that we were sent, but I haven't been able to copy it to here. The poinsettias will be delivered to us on Nov. 27th and then we will distribute them accordingly. We have to have all orders and money to us by the 16th to give the greenhouse time to process everything. If you live anywhere between Utica and Lowville we can make it work. Poinsettias are not only a great decoration around the holiday season, but they also make great gifts. If you are interested in ordering a poinsettia you can email us at: eliaslovesjess@gmail.com, we will then provide you with further instructions regarding payment and delivery. We can also email you a copy of our flyer that has a picture of the three poinsettias that are offered. Thanks and I hope that everyone is well and safe after the storm!

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